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Some call it science, others call it art; we like to think of roasting as a little bit of both. Sure, you can break roasting down to chemistry and physics terms; but when it comes to roasting each batch perfectly specific for the bean varietal, a talented micro-roaster relies mainly on his senses. The sounds of the coffee beans turning with the hum of the roaster, the colors, and the smells of the oils as the sugars in the bean begin to caramelize.

Our coffee is proudly roasted eight pounds at a time in our American Made cast iron drum roaster, giving each batch of coffee a personality of its own. Since Identifiable traits can differ between regions, countries, villages, or farms; our goal is to roast and extract coffee in a way that best exemplifies the nuances of each unique cherry seed. Celebrate and enjoy every drop.

French Press Roasting Coffee Beans
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